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  • A. Brute® "ICE ONLY"Container
  • Ensures safe ice handling; complies with HACCP guidelines. All-plastic construction will not rust, chip or peel; resists dents. Double-ribbed base increases stability and dragging capacity; reinforced handles for carrying ease. Certified to NSF Standard #2. White. 10-gallon capacity. 15 5/8 dia. x 17 1/8h. Shpg. wt. 19-lbs.
  • No. Scent Size Qty./Case/Loads Each
    RCP 9F86 WHI n/a 15 5/8 dia. x 17 1/8h 1Login For Price
  • B. Scovel™ Two-Handled Shovel
  • Combines the easy handling of traditional scoops with the capacity of a shovel. High side walls reduce spillage during ice transfer. 120-oz. capacity for faster loading time than standard-sized scoops. Features reinforced leading edge for improved durability and offset handles for ergonomic maneuvering. NSF Certified and dishwasher safe. Includes hanger for wall storage. Transparent Blue. 29.36l x 8.76w x 6.98h. Shpg. wt. 3.10-lbs.
  • No. Scent Size Qty./Case/Loads Each
    RCP 9F52 n/a 29.36l x 8.76w x 6.98h 1Login For Price
  • C. Pro Save™ Scoop with Hand Guard
  • Angled handle positioned over ice cavity protects hand from contacting ice, reducing risk of cross contamination. Relieves wrist strain. Reinforced leading edge improves durability. Combines with an open style Scoop Holder (RCP 9F43, sold separately) when stored. NSF Certified and dishwasher safe. Transparent Blue. 11.97l x 6.7w x 7.72h. Shpg. wt. 7.10-lbs.
  • No. Scent Size Qty./Case/Loads Each
    RCP 9F50 n/a 11.97l x 6.7w x 7.72h 1Login For Price
  • D. Scoop Holder
  • For use with 74-oz. Scoop with Hand Guard (RCP 9F50, sold separately). Open for air drying to reduce the risk of mold and bacteria growth. 10.05l x 7.48w x 5.43h. Shpg. wt. 5.83-lbs.
  • No. Scent Size Qty./Case/Loads Each
    RCP 9F43 n/a 10.05l x 7.48w x 5.43h 1Login For Price
  • A. Ice Tote Lid
  • The Ice Tote Lid fits securely on the Ice Tote, RCP 9F54 TBL (sold separately). This reduces cross-contamination risk during transport by hand carry or when totes are placed on the Rubbermaid® Ice Cart, RCP 9F55 BLA (sold separately). The Ice Tote Lid is NSF Certified and commercial dishwasher safe. Black. 11.25"w x 12"l x 2"h.
  • No. Scent Size Qty./Case/Loads Each
    RCP 9F73 BLA n/a 11.25"w x 12"l x 2"h 1Login For Price
  • B. Ice Tote with Bin Hook Adapter
  • The Ice Tote (patent-pending) features an angled top surface and pouring spout to reduce spills. Fits in most commercial dishwashers and includes a rear hang hook for upside down tote storage. Ergonomic comfort grip allows for safe transfer and ease of use. Ice Bin Hook Adapter allows the Ice Tote to attach to nearly any ice machine, reducing crosscontamination, ice spillage and employee back strain, while improving efficiency. NSF Certified. 5.5-gallon, 25-lb. capacity. Dedicated Ice Only, Blue tint. 13.3"w x 12.2"l x 22.1"h.
  • No. Scent Size Qty./Case/Loads Each
    RCP 9F54 TBL n/a 13.3"w x 12.2"l x 22.1"h 1Login For Price
  • C. Ice Only Cart
  • Ice Only Cart holds four Ice Totes, RCP 9F54 TBL (sold separately). Ice cart safely and securely transports 100-lbs. of ice. Handle folds flat for storage. Includes hook for on-board storage of Ice Tote Lids, RCP 9F73 BLA (sold separately). Metal components for handle and side rails, structural foam deck. 5" non-marking casters transport up to 500-lbs. 21.4" wide, 39.1" length. Black.
  • No. Scent Size Qty./Case/Loads Each
    RCP 9F55 BLA n/a 1Login For Price